AHLA Communities

AHLA Communities are a collection of online discussion lists that offer a forum for dialogue and encourage groups of members to connect with one another on topics that interest them most.    

  • Discussion Forums: This includes the Health Law Topical Discussion Forum and the Leadership Discussion Forum. The Health Law Topical Discussion Forum will encourage members to connect with one another on all relevant health law topics, and notifications are sent out based on your health law content preferences. Likewise, the Leadership Discussion Forum enables leaders to connect within and across leadership groups about relevant issues and initiatives, and notifications are sent out based on your title and/or leadership group.
  • Practice Groups: This includes all Practice Group communities and only accessible by members of those groups. This is an area for AHLA to disseminate Practice Group and Affinity Group content and for AHLA Practice and Affinity Group leaders to engage directly with those enrolled in the Group.
  • Professional Networks: Communities based on members in similar career stages, with similar demographics, and/or shared interests. They provide a safe space for members and allies to share and connect professionally from unique perspectives.
  • Board Committees: A forum for board committees to store information, discuss the work of the committee, set up calls, and engage in strategic discussions.

To access your communities, go to https://connect.americanhealthlaw.org/

If you would like to adjust your community notifications, please visit the Communication Preference Center by clicking the button below: