All of us have benefited from AHLA’s educational mission and we obviously find value in this organization – otherwise we wouldn’t be donating our time and talents today. In addition to donating our time and talents, we also need to support the organization financially so that it may continue to provide the same high-quality educational opportunities to the next generation of health law professionals. Membership dues and program revenues cover much of the organization’s expenses, but AHLA relies on donor funds to support our key philanthropic areas of Talent Pipeline Support, Diversity and Inclusion, and Innovative Professional Development.

AHLA leaders are asked to make a meaningful financial contribution to AHLA with the goal of reaching 100% participation at every leadership level (PGs, Program Planning Committees, and Special Councils).

Any donation made between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022 will count towards the Leadership Challenge for the year.

FY22 Leadership Challenge Progress

as of 5/30/2022
Total $ Donated: $100,843
Total Plus Pledges: $130,543

Practice Groups

Group NameGiving Begin DateGiving End Date$ Donated
Total Plus Pledges
# of Leaders% Participation
FY22 PG_AMCTH06/01/202105/31/2022$210.00$210.001136
FY22 PG_AT06/01/202105/31/2022$640.00$3,640.009100
FY22 PG_BH06/01/202105/31/2022$150.00$150.00729
FY22 PG_BLG06/01/202105/31/2022$1,525.00$1,525.001675
FY22 PG_FA06/01/202105/31/2022$3,480.00$3,480.009100
FY22 PG_HCLL06/01/202105/31/2022$500.00$500.00863
FY22 PG_HHS06/01/202105/31/2022$1,405.00$1,405.003161
FY22 PG_HIT06/01/202105/31/2022$1,545.00$2,145.002483
FY22 PG_IHC06/01/202105/31/2022$1,350.00$1,850.00771
FY22 PG_LE06/01/202105/31/2022$345.00$345.006100
FY22 PG_LS06/01/202105/31/2022$1,285.00$1,285.00888
FY22 PG_MSCPR06/01/202105/31/2022$415.00$415.008100
FY22 PG_PALTS06/01/202105/31/2022$75.00$75.00729
FY22 PG_PO06/01/202105/31/2022$875.00$875.00888
FY22 PG_PPMC06/01/202105/31/2022$695.00$695.001759
FY22 PG_RAP06/01/202105/31/2022$1,080.00$1,180.0017100
FY22 PG_TF06/01/202105/31/2022$625.00$625.00786

Program Planning Committees

Group NameGiving Begin DateGiving End Date$ Donated
Total Plus Pledges
# of Leaders% Participation
FY22 PRG_AM06/01/202105/31/2022$4,549.93$13,549.939100
FY22 PRG_AMCTH06/01/202105/31/2022$250.00$250.00425
FY22 PRG_FC06/01/202105/31/2022$450.00$733.456100
FY22 PRG_FHL06/01/202105/31/2022$1,599.92$2,099.925100
FY22 PRG_HCT06/01/202105/31/2022$325.00$325.00667
FY22 PRG_IHC06/01/202105/31/2022$1,150.00$1,150.00540
FY22 PRG_IHP06/01/202105/31/2022$0.00$0.0050
FY22 PRG_LTC06/01/202105/31/2022$370.00$370.00580
FY22 PRG_MM06/01/202105/31/2022$875.00$875.00771
FY22 PRG_PHS06/01/202105/31/2022$725.00$725.00786
FY22 PRG_TAX06/01/202105/31/2022$500.00$500.00520

Councils, Boards, Past Presidents, and Fellows

Group NameGiving Begin DateGiving End Date$ Donated
Total Plus Pledges
# of Leaders% Participation
FY22 AHLA Board of Directors06/01/202105/31/2022$32,565.93$41,710.1924100
FY22 Development and Advancement Council06/01/202105/31/2022$8,499.92$8,999.927100
FY22 Dispute Resolution Service Council06/01/202105/31/2022$600.00$1,500.00743
FY22 Fellows06/01/202105/31/2022$37,900.00$60,650.008794
FY22 Journal of Health & Life Sciences Editorial Board06/01/202105/31/2022$2,900.00$2,900.001457
FY22 Past Presidents06/01/202105/31/2022$11,426.00$32,026.004766
FY22 Women's Leadership Council06/01/202105/31/2022$1,770.00$1,770.0015100
FY22 Young Professionals Coucil06/01/202105/31/2022$530.00$530.001681

Support AHLA's Educational Mission

Donation Amount:

Ensuring a well-qualified next generational of health law professionals.

Invest in the Future of Health Law

Look around at the problems we face as a community and world. They call for a well-qualified next generation of health law professionals who are equipped with necessary tools to help solve them. AHLA has been providing this kind of support to its members since 1968, but the need is so much greater now. That is why we are asking you to donate today to help sustain all the things we love most about our profession.