Behavioral Health Practice Group

The Behavioral Health (BH) Practice Group is committed to advancing the understanding of laws impacting behavioral health, including the delivery of services to those living with mental illness, certain neurological conditions, substance use disorders or developmental disabilities, and reimbursement for such services. A complex framework of federal and state laws concerning privacy, information sharing and exchange, reimbursement, involuntary commitment, and other subjects provides unique challenges to healthcare providers and payors of behavioral health services. Scientific, legislative, and other developments, including healthcare reform, have presented new issues and opportunities in this area, including primary and behavioral healthcare integration initiatives, insurance coverage parity mandates, changes to Medicaid, and evolving public policy, to name a few. The BH Practice Group will monitor and evaluate these laws and developments through written materials, webinars, and in-person educational activities so that AHLA members are better equipped to advise clients on behavioral health topics. In addition, the work of the BH Practice Group will serve to raise awareness about how behavioral health laws influence health improvement efforts, and will include collaborative efforts with AHLA's Public Interest activities.

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